Hover Beverages is not currently available in the US.
Cannabis is classified at the federal level as a Schedule I drug under the controlled substances act.
Please see below for articles that detail the status of USA cannabis legalization, along with educational resources and news article. These lists will be continuously updated over time, so come back later to learn more about cannabis and the status of legalization in the USA.

Legalization Articles

1. Marijuana reform faces ‘more challenging’ environment in Congress under GOP
2. House Republican reintroduces bill to reschedule marijuana
3. New year brings new laws, rules for cannabis businesses nationwide
4. FDA’s inaction on CBD regulations means more marijuana questions for Congress
5. FDA issues clinical research guidance for cannabis

Educational Resources

1. How long do edible effects last?
2. Edibles 101: How to consume edibles, benefits, effects, & more
3. Cannabis (Marijuana) and Cannabinoids: What You Need To Know
4. 6 facts about Americans and marijuana
5. One In Five People Who Are Ditching Alcohol For ‘Dry January’ Say They’re Using Cannabis As An Alternative, Survey Finds