October 14, 2023

Best Questions To Ask Budtenders When Purchasing Weed Drinks

If you choose to purchase weed drinks in person, you will have the added benefit of getting to interact with a ‘budtender.’ Budtenders are cannabis store staff who are knowledgeable on weed and all its various product formats, including drinks.

It can be intimidating when you go into a store and feel like you do not know anything. The great news is budtenders are overwhelmingly friendly, knowledgeable, and keen to answer any and all questions you may have.

See below for our most highly recommend questions to ask budtenders when purchasing weed drinks.

What Do You Recommend For Someone Like Me

Instead of simply asking what THC or CBD drinks they recommend, make sure to provide them with some basic information on what type of cannabis consumer you are.

  • Are you new to cannabis or cannabis beverages?
  • What is your favourite types of drinks?
  • Do you want a stronger or softer experience level?
  • Are you looking to get high, or to relax, or a mix of both? (important for determining if THC or CBD dosage is desired)
  • What type of occasion will you be enjoying the weed drink for?
  • Do you want a cheaper beverage or a premium quality drink?

The above pieces of information will help inform the budtender into making the best possible recommendation for you and your needs.

What Are Your Favourite Cannabis Beverages?

One quick and easy way to discern a top beverage option or two is to simply ask what the budtender’s favourite beverages are. Generally they will be sure to explain why their picks are their favourite, be it for the quality of the flavour or the experience.

Just remember that you likely have a different cannabis dosage tolerance then the budtender, so if they recommend you purchase a more potent drink, maybe select a lower dosage one or be sure to split it with a friend.

How Long Does It Take You To Generally Feel The Experience For This Beverage?

One aspect that can differ across THC drinks is how long it takes you to feel the experience. This can be very important as the longer it takes for you to feel the cannabis effect, the more you may end up drinking above and beyond what is ideal for you. That is why we always recommend that no matter the cannabis drink, when you consume one for the first time, you start low and go slow.

Some cannabis beverages take over 30 minutes for the effect to kick in, while others such as Hover Beverages can generally be felt in as quick as 5-15 minutes. The difference is generally driven by the infusion technology the beverage has been crafted with, as well as some other manufacturing & ingredient considerations.

If you are new to cannabis, we recommend you pursue beverage options with on average shorter
experience on-set times.

Does The Brand You Are Recommending Come In Any Different Flavours?

Often times a budtender may recommend you a THC drink they think is of very high quality and tastes great, that you may not personally enjoy the flavour for. The good news is many cannabis beverage brands come in a wide variety of flavours. So before you decide the recommended drink is not for you, we recommend asking if the brand in questions comes in a different flavour. You may just end up pleasantly surprised.

These are just a handful of questions we recommend asking budtenders upon your visit when seeking to purchase THC drinks or CBD drinks. For more tips & tricks, check out the rest of the Hover blog or our frequently asked questions.

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