November 13, 2023

Tips & Tricks For Drinking A Cannabis Beverage

Cannabis beverages, also known as weed drinks, THC drinks, or infused beverages, have become a normal part of Canadians’ recreational beverages options ever since cannabis was legalized in 2018.

Since then, a wide range of THC infused beverages have been launched across Canada. They come in many forms, including sodas, sparkling waters, teas, hot drinks, and powders.

Like many Canadians, you may be curious to try based off recommendations from friends and family. THC drinks offer an exciting, modern alternative to traditional beverage alcohol, with a unique uplifting experience coupled with the peace of mind of no hangover.

If you are curious to try, see below for the Hover Beverages’ team’s top tips & tricks for drinking cannabis beverages in Canada.

Tip #1 – Pick Flavours You Know & Like

There are a wide range of beverage flavours and formats to choose from. Just like other types of drinks, THC drinks come in various flavour profiles and packaging options. It is important to choose what you find interesting, and given you are new to the space, we recommend you choose something familiar.

Many people may worry that THC drinks have a strong cannabis taste. However, if crafted with care and quality, there should be little to no cannabis taste or aroma. Despite this, we recommend choosing a flavour you traditionally enjoy, to ensure you like your very first cannabis beverage. Here at Hover, we currently have a Lemon Iced Tea and a Peach Mango sparkling water, and our drinks come in convenient slim cans for portability and freshness.

Tip #2 – Pick The Dosage Level Right For You

One aspect of cannabis beverages that can be confusing is their dosage level. Most cannabis beverages include some THC, which is the element of cannabis that gets you ‘high.’ Hover Beverages as well as some other drinks that are available come also with some CBD, which is the part of cannabis associated with the feeling of wellness and peace of mind.

Weed in drinks is measured by milligrams (mgs), and for THC you can have anywhere from 0 to a maximum of 10mgs. For a beginner, we recommend starting low and going slow. Our current Hover offerings come with 10mgs THC and 10mgs CBD, for a balanced experience. Other THC drinks with 2mgs or 5mgs may be better for beginners, or you can simply split a 10mg drink with a friend.

Tip #3 – THC Experiences May Vary, But Take Peace Of Mind In Knowing It Has A Healthy Duration

Everyone’s experience may vary slightly. Just like with other recreational experiences, everyone has a different tolerance level and their body can react differently. With THC, some may feel it more than others, and it can last longer for some then others. However, it is generally found that the high of THC drinks is felt with 10-20 minutes, and lasts 2-3 hours depending on how much is consumed. This means that you can have peace of mind in knowing you will be high for a reasonable, but not incredibly long period of time. The more milligrams you drink, the stronger and longer your THC experience will last. THC drinks can be a great option for small social gatherings, hanging out with your partner on a date night, or relaxing after work alone. We hope you have found these beginner tips & tricks helpful, and for more cannabis beverage knowledge, check out the rest of our blog or our frequently asked questions.

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